The Motion Battery name is a merging of the design term 'motion graphics' with the popular baseball phrase “the battery" referring to the Pitcher-Catcher relationship.  Much like the spark of ‘the battery' is a baseball team's most important key to success, I believe the spark for consistently creating quality content is found in the health of my professional relationships.  For me, the truest form of success, is that which is shared. Shared success produces lasting energy that's sure to leave our biggest fans electrified, both in the crowd and at home-plate. So give me a call and let's charge 'em up!
Rob Rossi
Motion Design  I  Project Management  I  Creative Direction
I moved to LA to start my Motion Graphics career in 2007. I began by freelancing on films, TV Commercials and Broadcast TV. During my 4 years there, I was lucky enough to be part of a two-time Emmy Award winning motion graphics team. Soon I found my niche for in-game sports graphics which afforded me the opportunity to work remotely and move back home to Chicago.

Along the way, I've created everything from full-on graphics packages and custom project templates for in house sports/broadcast teams and found a love for Project Management as well as Creative Direction. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging with my wife and kids, coaching, painting, making music/playing live with my band, and getting out into the tall-grass prairie forests of Northern Illinois.