The Motion Battery name comes from a merging of the design term 'motion graphics' with the popular baseball phrase “the battery" referring to the Pitcher-Catcher relationship.  Much like the spark of ‘the battery' is a baseball team's most important key to success, I believe the spark for consistently creating quality content is found in the health of my professional relationships.  For me, the truest form of success, is that which is shared. Shared success produces lasting energy - energy that's sure to leave our biggest fans electrified, both in the crowd and at home-plate. So give me a call and let's charge 'em up!
Rob Rossi
Creative Director / Motion Designer
I'm a two-time Emmy Award winning designer, born and raised just outside Chicago. Though I was brought up in a sports family and found success as an athlete, I've always been an artist. In college, I particularly found a love for oil painting and singing/songwriting. Eventually, I noticed I was painting the same things I was writing about, and became interested in merging the two. This lead me into motion graphics. So after finishing my baseball career and earning my BA in Studio Art, I traveled to LA to start my career. Upon arrival, I began freelancing while attending a 10 month program at a Post Production trade school. I took low paying jobs, applying what I was learning in the classroom to the real-world. I became certified in Motion Graphic Design and after a few years, started landing gigs at more recognizable studios. While 'perma-lancing' for one of those studios, I got married. A month later my wife and I (who I've known since jr. high) moved back home to be by family and start our own. I continued working remotely for the same studio, and began designing for their professional sports clients. Immediately I knew I'd found my niche. Soon however, that company changed directions, began producing documentary films, and needed less graphics support. So I began freelancing both remotely and onsite in the city.  Eventually I took a couple full-time positions there. Those jobs provided quality learning experiences in projection mapping, the live queuing process, AR, VR, and digital interaction. Wanting to apply what I learned to the sports industry, I returned to freelance and created The Motion Battery. Recently, I accepted a full-time position with Game Changer, which has allowed me to do more of what I enjoy most - design sports content. As always, I'm grateful for where I'm at and eager to see what's on the horizon.